Construction Collaboration in the COVID-19 Age

All industries evolve over time, and for decades, the catalyst has often been technology. In 2020, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of industry evolution. We can, for example, examine the entertainment, retail, and education industries.

  • Entertainment: With consumers avoiding movie theaters, Netflix subscriptions boomed.
  • Retail: Many once found shopping to be a pleasant distraction, but COVID-19 makes for a potentially dangerous trip to the mall or big-box retailer. A visit to online retailers, on the other hand, is contact-free, fast, and easy.
  • Education: For brick-and-mortar colleges, educating students and helping flatten the curve might seem like contradictory priorities. But those that quickly implemented online classes, continued generating revenue.

These industry shifts are not temporary, they are the new normal.

Construction Collaboration Parallels

Successful construction organizations have something in common: the ability to effectively manage complex projects and programs. Construction collaboration is essential for effective program management. In response to pandemic concerns and a desire to mitigate infections via social distancing, construction firms have patched together ways to reduce face-to-face collaboration, but the results are mixed. Instead of creating inefficient ad-hoc workarounds, construction leaders are turning to new technology.

Solving COVID-19 Challenges with Modern Construction Technology

Thankfully, modern construction collaboration technology platforms exist that can quickly transform the way firms monitor projects during the pandemic. The best solutions are specifically designed to support remote collaboration and can be implemented quickly. In addition, a cutting-edge construction management platform will:

  • Integrate best-of-breed applications into one intuitive platform
  • Streamline collaboration and communication
  • Identify potential issues and generate recovery plans
  • Unite business intelligence across data sources
  • Manage project finances
  • Analyze physical progress
  • Predict future tasks
  • Create forecasts
  • Track billing
  • Store important documents and photos
  • Display real-time information in straightforward project dashboards and daily reports

Modern construction solutions give project teams the power to collaborate in real time with a solid project monitoring platform, dramatically increasing efficiency and transparency.

Remote work is the new normal

Consider a Solution that Meets Best-of-Breed Criteria

The best construction collaboration platforms are cloud-based and designed to leverage the power of a remote workforce. Ideally, a technology platform and services infrastructure bundled with an integration footprint will transform the way your construction firm monitors projects.

Begin your Construction Collaboration Journey Today

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Construction Collaboration in the COVID-19 Age
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