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  • Exto is a subscription service. Users pay a monthly or annual subscription fee.
  • A one-time onboarding fee is charged.
  • Pricing is calculated based on project size and/or number of users in order to ensure clients pay a fair price. Contact our sales team for a customized quote
  • The work monitoring platform
  • A dedicated project monitoring engineer (PME). Your PME will onboard and assist daily, weekly, or at a regular cadence to help you with project monitoring tasks (data collection, consolidation, analysis, planning, costing) and help you run your projects.
  • Free unlimited phone, email, and live chat support with your PME.
  • Access to new features and enhancements as they are rolled out

The PME is a scheduler, cost analyst, and data analyst specializing in infrastructure and construction management. The PME provides four essential services:

Project planning and onboarding. PMEs are PMP-certified and well-versed in scheduling and planning complex programs. The PME will set up your project and L0/L1 schedule based on your input.

Data analysis. PMEs understand your construction data. Your PME reviews different project data points, devises new dashboards, and creates narratives to assist you in communicating the status of your project. E.g., your PME will compare onsite safety incidents to the construction schedule milestones.

Data curation. Your PME is also a construction data curator, consolidating disparate data sources and updating Exto to keep project status current.

Project updates. Your PME also assists with regular project updates by helping with dashboard and report analysis and interpretation. Your PME is a valuable asset in stakeholder meetings and is able to show scenarios, analyze project delays, and more. E.g., your PME can help create a catch-up or alternate plan and present it to finance, operations, and procurement to help with decision making.

We are happy to train your existing staff to monitor projects with Exto. However, we do recommend using a PME to onboard the project, train your users, and be involved as needed with your projects.

Surveys have shown that low user adoption is a major cause of the lack of digitization in the construction industry. Exto data needs to be captured at the project site where there is often high attrition and lack of skilled IT resources. The priority for the site engineers is project execution. Your PME frees your engineers from mundane data entry and consolidation and keeps their focus on project execution.

Even if you have a good pulse on your projects, Exto allows you to communicate your project status (finances, issues, risks, progress, cashflow) in a comprehensive manner that might otherwise take a long time to collate and present. As your project continues, having a historical record of project progress becomes more challenging to store and retrieve.

Average Exto ROI is 5 times the spend. In cases where Exto was used by all project stakeholders, we have seen up to a $10-million savings on a $100-million project in back-office and overall efficiency during the project lifetime.

Exto is a cloud solution, its only requirement is an internet connection. No additional investment in servers, hardware, etc. are required to use Exto. Exto’s cloud architecture is an added bonus for the construction and infrastructure industries where project site offices are dispersed and often change locations.

Exto has a built-in integration platform with connectors for Primavera products and Microsoft Project and will eventually integrate with any system to exchange data.

Absolutely. Any registered non-profit organization or any project that can confirm that it supports the fight against climate change can use Exto for free (however, the onboarding cost is still charged) for the first six months and expect a PMO platform to be less than 0.25% of the total project cost. Please contact

Exto is hosted on the secure, world-class Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Exto data is stored on Microsoft Azure providing end-to-end data encryption at rest and in transit.

Exto inherits the data security and confidentiality promised by Microsoft Azure. Microsoft uses some of the strongest, most secure encryption protocols available to provide barriers against unauthorized access to customer data. Regardless of the customer configuration, data stored within Microsoft’s enterprise cloud services is protected using one or more forms of encryption.

Authorized users with the proper admin permissions can download all Exto data in Excel or in PDF format.

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