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Technology is Transforming Construction. What Does the Future Hold?

Technology is Transforming Construction What Does the Future Hold? COVID-19 hit the global economy like a typhoon, wrecking everything in its wake, and it did not leave the construction industry unscathed. As the industry tries to pick up growth post-COVID, technological advancements are providing some respite. We could all agree that technology is an ever-present […]

Construction Collaboration in the COVID-19 Age

Construction Collaboration in the COVID-19 Age All industries evolve over time, and for decades, the catalyst has often been technology. In 2020, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of industry evolution. We can, for example, examine the entertainment, retail, and education industries. Entertainment: With consumers avoiding movie theaters, Netflix subscriptions boomed. Retail: Many […]

Overcoming Construction Skill Scarcity with Technology

Overcoming Construction Skill Scarcity with Technology Construction skill scarcity has become a major issue across the entire industry. Finding workers in trades and in management, many of whom began their careers working in the trades, can take an exceptionally long time, with no guarantee of finding capable candidates. In The Next Normal in Construction, McKinsey […]

Sustainable Construction Solution Benefits

Sustainable Construction Solution Benefits The sustainable construction solution landscape is rapidly expanding, bringing with it several benefits for the industry (and the world). Sustainable construction solutions develop new buildings that integrate ecological responsibility, and a nice side effect of sustainable solutions is that they also tend to be more financially sound than non-green solutions. Businesses […]

Project Monitoring Efficacy Can Help Secure Mortgage Lending

Project Monitoring Efficacy Can Help Secure Mortgage Lending Project monitoring is an important part of securing a mortgage for a construction venture. Fortunately, modern solutions for the project-driven enterprise can help secure mortgage lending by effectively monitoring progress and preparing analysis reports. EPC Projects and Mortgages A property loan or mortgage is credit given against […]

Increase Infrastructure Project Profitability with Digitization

Increase Infrastructure Project Profitability Through Digitization Embrace Digitization to Overcome Challenges Infrastructure project profitability and construction are at a crossroads, faced with a variety of current and emerging challenges. Compared to other industries that have effectively used technical innovations and digitization to develop and reinvent their goods and services, infrastructure projects have not yet embraced […]

PMIS Cloud Solution Benefits: Go from Construction Technology Laggard to Leader

PMIS Cloud Solution Benefits Go from Construction Technology Laggard to Leader Leaders and Followers Why review construction PMIS cloud solution benefits? According to KPMG International’s 2019 Global Construction Survey, only about 20 percent of construction firms surveyed are leaders in the adoption of new technology. The remaining 80 percent of construction firms merely follow, trying […]

Construction Digital Transformation Key Benefits

Construction Digital TransformationKey Benefits Construction Digital Transformation is Underway The construction industry, once known as brick-and-mortar, is finally moving into the digital era. While some industry players may be reluctant to address construction digital transformation, it is time for project management to build a real strategy. Many companies have created innovation labs and begun proof-of-concept […]

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