About Exto

Exto is a cloud-enabled platform and project service that helps companies effortlessly navigate the complex project execution landscape. Exto is your project compass! Whether connecting cities via roads and bridges, bringing water to a drought-ridden part of the world, or building infrastructure for clean energy, every project finds purpose in the lives it improves.

Exto Origins

Exto was born on a long, hot summer day in Chennai over steaming cups of tea during a client project management system review that quickly became a brainstorming session.

A tool used on the client’s project was used to capture data after project completion. Most analysis was not performed within this tool, and all communication and collaboration were being done elsewhere. Photos were exchanged over WhatsApp, analysis was done in Excel and shared over email, and project teams collaborated and analyzed structured and unstructured project data ad-hoc.

This particular client also had a state-of-the-art PMIS, that was not being used to its full potential. The PMIS was instead relegated to a project data repository. Data collection and analysis were put on the back burner not for of a lack of user skill, but for a lack of time.


The client’s project executives and teams rarely used their PMIS tool as intended. They found ways to create schedules by altering resource constraints to meet or exceed production capacity to hit projected dates. Most of these project teams spent time creating catch-up plans that were too difficult to build in the PMIS.

Exto operations, finance, and technology teams huddled in a room for a few days to share thoughts about what most contractors needed, and the importance of owner reporting and collaboration. We wanted to make a product that was flexible, easy to use, and would seamlessly work with products already used on a daily basis.

Exto was built on the premise that we would provide a foundation for every project team. Exto is much more than a software company dropping a platform and walking away. We believe our services will delight teams and help them successfully navigate the project landscape.

Exto is a Gaea Global Technologies, Inc. Solution

Gaea has provided world-class project management solutions to Fortune 100 organizations since 2007.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA, Gaea has additional offices in Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Ireland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India to support its global clientele. Gaea is an Oracle Partner and Registered ISV Zebra Partner. Learn more about Gaea at gaeaglobal.com.


Work smarter, not harder

Exto is your project compass

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