Forecast project execution and
know where you’re going before you get there

Manage project forecasting

Exto enhances project team communications and collaboration, automates project workflows, enables electronic document management, and monitors work progress in the field. Exto’s forecasting features include:

What-If Scenarios

  • Review progress scenarios including productivity against resource capacity with fixed or floating completion dates
  • Compare against current progress to identify issues and plan for user-driven or system-suggested recovery

Recovery, Look-Ahead Plans

  • Review system-generated recovery plans that consider current progress and any delays based on productivity and critical-resource capacity
  • support contractors by creating realistic catch-up plans

Forecast Report

  • Create forecast reports to see how resources, progress, and billing are affected
  • Build scenarios based on hypothetical productivity adjustments to plot the best course forward

Leverage Exto for multiple forecasting benefits

Doc review and search hours saved per week per employee


Reduce reporting and data consolidation time by up to

0 %
  • Increase data integrity and accuracy
  • Improve governance and document control across teams
  • Reduce errors through fewer manual dependencies

Exto dashboard

Exto dashboard

Work smarter, not harder

Exto simplifies forecasting

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