Field Management

Manage work in the field, anywhere, any time.

Field Management

Always have real-time data on project performance, progress, and productivity


Always have a clear view into project performance, progress, and productivity


Capture health, safety, and environmental (HSE) events


Manage daily inspection and progress approvals with independent workflows


Enable custom workflows to follow the issue-lifecycle-management process


Assure that all parts of the project will be up to code and safe for users


Track schedules of value, bills of quantity, costed, and non-costed resources


Workflows for progress, safety, inspection, compliance data captured onsite


Track material status and changes (received, inspected, issued); integrate with photos

Commissioning (Cx) portal

View real-time equipment commissioning status. Track equipment steps to ensure fully commissioned status. Activities include user checklists to complete and upload documentation

Exto commissioning portal
Exto equipment matrix

Equipment matrix

Manage equipment, etc. (add info here)

View team workload

Manage the entire team workload with a real-time overview of tasks

Exto checklist

Customer Successes

Exto reduced reporting time by 80% and billing-cycle time by 60%

Exto gives SMC Infrastructure real-time visibility across projects

Work smarter, not harder

Exto simplifies field management

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