Manage Invoices

Easily create and maintain accurate invoicing records and eMeasurement books

Manage invoices

Exto removes invoicing and measurement confusion when work is executed in multiple sites and measurements are recorded by multiple engineers. Exto’s invoicing and billing features include:


  • Track and monitor the entire invoicing process from anywhere
  • Manage subcontractor billing vs client billing


  • Generate financial reports for analysis to check project status
  • Create forecast reports to see how resources, progress, and billing change

Projects and Subprojects

  • Create projects, subprojects that share master BOQ list with different rates
  • Distribute total project scope of a BOQ/line item between subprojects

Leverage Exto for multiple billing benefits

Reduce billing-cycle days by up to


Increase productivity by up to

0 %
  • Eliminate data errors
  • Improve governance and document control across teams
  • Reduce total accounting time

Manage invoices and control subcontractor billing vs client billing

Exto billing

Billing project dashboard

Exto billing project view

Work smarter, not harder

Exto simplifies billing management

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