Manage all real estate checklists,
tasks, documents, and goals.

Manage all quality and safety checklists

Exto enhances real estate team communications and collaboration, automates project workflows, enables electronic document management, and monitors work progress in the field. Exto’s real estate features include:


  • Coordinate meetings and track action items to closure
  • Manage agenda, meeting minutes, and action-items via email reminders
  • Collaborate in one platform on an issue-by-issue basis


  • Track drawing register and other documents, versions
  • Retrieve, view on mobile onsite

Quality and Safety

  • Enter daily project data and collaborate with site engineer, QA QC engineer, and HSE engineers onsite
  • Track daily activity progress and resource consumption
  • Access weather, rainfall and other environmental data
  • View all QA QC checklists and snags data


  • View holistic project status including physical, financial, procurement in real time
  • Analyze data by activity, contractor, engineer
  • Track critical activities and highlight progress issues
  • View forecasted completion time

Leverage Exto for multiple real estate benefits

Doc review and search hours saved per week per employee


Reduce reporting and data consolidation time by up to

0 %
  • Increase data integrity and accuracy
  • Improve governance and document control across teams
  • Reduce errors through fewer manual dependencies

Review real estate project details

Exto real estate internal finishes

Real Estate Dashboard

Exto real estate dashboard

Work smarter, not harder

Exto simplifies work management

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